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Marble Fireplaces London | Fireplaces London

Marble Fireplaces London


Bespoke Marble Fireplaces are a premier manufacturer specialising in marble fireplaces. We offer free Nationwide delivery and deliver regularly to the London area.

Many people view a fireplace the focal point of every home. Fireplaces create a sense of social belonging, and they are a meeting point where family and friends gather. Fireplaces form an ambiance, and place of storytelling, laughter and family spirit.

Fireplaces are often used by developers and home owners alike to increase property value in the London area. The national centre for real estate research concluded that a house with a fireplace sells for more on average than an identical house without one.


Marble Fireplaces London

Marble has been used to manufacture fireplaces for many centuries. Marble fireplaces can vary in price considerably, the average high street shop can charge on average £800- £2500 per marble fireplace. The internet has brought a big change in the price of marble fireplaces. Consumers can now purchase direct form factories such as ourselves, and save hundreds of pounds. Our online prices start at £449 for a full marble fireplace, with a back panel, hearth and free delivery.


Marble Fire Surrounds London

Marble surrounds are another name commonly associated with marble fireplaces. Bespoke Marble Fireplaces is one of the UK’s largest online suppliers of U.K manufactured marble surrounds. We offer free nationwide delivery of all our marble surrounds, to ensure they reach your home in the same condition they left the factory. Our website has a large range of marble surrounds, which can be manufactured in a colour of your choice.


Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplace are getting more and more popular in modern times. The popularity of Electric fireplaces is due to several factors including their simplicity, and ability to be turned on independent of the heat source. Electric fireplaces can also be installed against a flat wall, and lave less legal requirements as opposed to Gas fireplaces.


Fire Surrounds

Fire surrounds are viewed be some people as a more traditional room decor than hole in the wall fireplaces. However, there are many styles of fire surrounds that can suit even the most modern or chic homes. When making a choice of which type of fire surround to choose, you should consider something that will be timeless yet appeal to the current trends.


Fireplaces London

Fireplaces have been used to heat and decorate living rooms the world over for centuries. There is plenty of choice available and a variety of materials that fireplaces can be made from. Over the years fireplaces have been made from a verity of cast iron, wood, stone, marble, limestone and many more.


Gas Fireplaces

In modern times with the readily available piped natural gas supplies to homes, the popularity of gas fireplaces has grown extensively. The popularity of gas fireplaces is possibly due to all the mess and work involved in open solid fuel fireplaces. Gas fireplaces allow the homeowner the comfort of simply turning a switch or remote control to switch on the fireplace. Almost all gas fireplaces are also supplied with a ceramic of long lasting fuel bed that creates the effect of coal, logs, driftwood or pebbles that can be burnt for years without the need of replacement.



A fireplace hearth is the horizontal base piece of a fireplace which is placed on the floor. Fire surrounds, fires, or stoves are places on top of this heat resistant surface. Hearths can be manufactured in a verity of sizes and depths. Hearths can be manufactured with a verity of edge profiles. It is a legal requirement to have a 300 mm overhang from the fire to the front of the fire to the edge of the hearth when using a gas fire.


Stone Fireplaces

Stone fireplaces have become increasingly popular with the increasing use of solid fuel and stoves. Many people are looking for a matt surface and Stone fireplaces are often the best choice to create such an effect. Stone fireplaces are often manufactured in chunky sections as opposed to marble surrounds which are often made out of 20 mm sheets. Limestone fireplaces are very fragile and often very difficult to transport and install alike. For a family with young children, limestone and porous stone fireplaces are not recommended, as stains are difficult if not impossible to remove.