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Marble Fireplaces Manchester | Fireplaces Manchester

Marble Fireplaces Manchester


Bespoke Marble Fireplaces was one of the UKs first online fireplace factories to start supplying direct to the Manchester area. We have since then had hundreds of satisfied customers recommending friends and family to our unbelievable craftsmanship and value for money, because our prices are up to 70% cheaper than the leading high street showrooms.

If you are looking for value for money, and an affordable marble surround or fireplace in the Manchester area, then we are the company you need. We offer free Nationwide delivery to the UK and all areas of Manchester. Our vehicles regularly delivery to surrounding areas as well including, Walkden in the north to Partington in the south and Central Manchester in the east to Golborne in the west.

The prices quoted on our website have no hidden extras- the price you see is the price you pay, including delivery and VAT.

Anyone looking for marble surrounds, fireplaces, gas or electric fireplaces in these areas is welcome to order online or call us on 01909 475330


Marble Fireplaces Manchester

Marble fireplaces are often thought to be very expensive and the sort of finish that only the super rich or celebrities can afford. This is often the case when showrooms charge on average £1000 – £2000 for a decent marble fireplace, the internet has changed this, and now offers consumers such as you the opportunity to buy directly from manufacturers such as ourselves. Cutting out the middle man saves hundreds of pounds in the process on the average price of marble fireplaces, making them affordable and excellent value for money.


Marble Fire Surrounds Manchester

All our marble surrounds are made in the UK. We import all the marble direct from quarries overseas and offer a free national delivery service for all our marble surrounds ordered online, in-store or over the phone. We are able to manufacture our marble surrounds in a verity of colours, that can be selected to suit the decor of your home. Samples of marble colours are available on our website.


Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces have become increasingly popular in the current years, and form almost 60% of our overall sales. Many customers purchasing their second fireplace, comment on how they have never used their existing gas fire and would like to shift to an electric fireplace instead. All our electric fireplaces offer the option of being able to use the flame effect independent of the heat source, hence you can have the warm glow of the electric fireplace without the cost involved of using expensive gas.


Fire Surrounds

All our fire surrounds can be supplied with our without a fire. This leaves our customers the flexibility to either re-use their existing fire or purchase a gas or electric fire elsewhere. Our fire surrounds are supplied with concealed hidden fixing brackets and are extremely easy to install. As standard, we contact all our customers to discuss all online orders, and adapt all fire surrounds depending on the installation (chimney/ flat wall) and choice of fire (gas, electric, flue less, LPG).



All our Fireplaces are extremely good value for money, and can be installed on a variety of gas or electric fires. Many homes seem bare without a fireplace, and our extensive range can suit either modern or traditional decor schemes. Being able to select the colour of your fireplace, before it is manufactured is one of the key features that makes us different from all other fireplace outlets.


Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are extremely popular in the Manchester area. Most homes already have chimneys, or flues installed and are already set up to take gas fireplaces. We manufacture all our gas fireplaces with a 25mm rebate, which minimises the distance from the chimney wall and the marble back panel. This makes it easier to create an air tight seal on your gas fireplace and hence makes it much fitter friendly. Although it is possible to fit a gas fireplace without this adjustment, we would always contact all customers, regardless of whether you purchased a gas fire from us or not, to get more information about your order and make you fireplace as fitter friendly as possible.



The fireplace hearth is the heat resistant layer at the bottom of the fireplace. The standard hearth edge profile is boxed and lipped, which involves a horizontal section of marble, usually 20mm thick, with a recessed riser (vertical strip) to try and create the overall “Boxed and lipped effect”. Hearths can also be manufactured box flush, which means they do not have an overhang. Please remember that we can make hearths to order if needed. There is usually a nominal charge of £30 or less to cover the set up costs of manufacturing something bespoke.


Stone Fireplaces

Stone fireplaces have been manufactured for centuries in the same way, and similar tools. We manufacture all our stone fireplaces with the aid of our experienced stone masons in the UK. Despite having extensive CNC manufacturing capabilities at the factory, the majority of our stone fireplaces are carved by hand, and the fireplaces tend to be more challenging to manufacture as compared to marble surrounds.