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Marble Fireplaces Nottingham | Fireplaces Nottingham

Marble Fireplaces Nottingham


Bespoke Marble Fireplaces has one of the largest range of Marble Fireplaces in the UK. Bespoke Marble Fireplaces are the number one outlet for fireplaces in Nottingham, with years of experience and a fantastic reputation for quality workmanship and affordable prices.

All our fireplaces are designed and built to fit into any specific space and in any style so that it matches the current design features of your home. We also have a variety of options available so you can find a solution that will fit into any budget. For more information on our full range of products, please click the links below:


So if marble fireplaces or any type of fireplace related products is what you are looking for, then we have what you need. We are able to offer an affordable fitting service in the Nottingham area. Buying direct from ourselves, the manufacture will save you hundreds of pounds on your new fireplace.

Anyone looking for marble fire surrounds in the Nottingham areas can order online or by calling us.


Marble Fireplaces Nottingham

We have been manufacturing Marble Fireplaces in a U.K factory for over twenty one years. Over the years we have supplied and installed hundreds if not thousands of marble fireplaces, and developed an outstanding reputation for quality and value for money. We import all our own marble direct from quarries overseas.


Marble Surround

All our marble surrounds are made to order in a colour of your choice. Our most popular colour is Sienna Gold Marble, however surrounds can be made in a colour of your choice. As a direct manufacture, we are able to make bespoke items at a fraction of the price high street shops charge. All marble surrounds are supplied with hidden fixing brackets, which complete the seamless and carry the chic look, as well as making our marble surrounds fitter friendly and practical.


Electric Fireplaces

We offer a large range of Electric fireplaces that can be delivered free to your door. All our electric fireplaces are made to order, leaving you the flexibility to choose a colour of your choice and ensuring that the fireplace can be installed, regardless of whether you will be installing against a flat wall with no recess or a chimney. Many of our electric fireplaces are also available with recessed lights, which are all supplied with a hidden switch on the inner header of the fireplace.


Fire Surrounds

At Bespoke Marble Fireplaces, we believe that the customer should be able to select a fire surround of their choice and not be restricted to a limited selection of one finish or colour. We are able to manufacture all our fire surrounds in a choice of colours, ensuring that you have the fire surround manufactured in a colour that matches your decor.


Fireplaces Nottingham

Like most things, fireplaces have gone a drastic facelift in modern times. The modern home demands many features that would not have been possible in the past. Fireplaces shifted in purpose in many homes from being the primary heating source to simply a decorative centre piece. Regardless of the application, it is undoubted that a carefully selected fireplace can being a sense of glamour into any home.


Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are very common, especially in the Nottingham area. Many of our customers still prefer to have a gas fireplace, despite having sufficient central heating solutions, as people view gas fireplaces as an alternative and necessary heat source in the rare eventuality of a electrical power blackout. Gas fireplace can be supplied with either manual, side or remote control options.



Fireplace hearths often form a substantial focal point of the entire fireplace. Many of our fire surround designs are supplied with a variety of different profiled hearths. Please remember that as a direct manufacturer we can supply made to measure hearts if needed. This is especially useful if you do not want to change the carpet in your home and would like the hearth to be made to fit around the current cut out in your carpet.


Stone Fireplaces

Stone has been used in the construction of fireplaces for many centuries. We import stone from quarries all around the world, including Italy, Turkey, & Portugal. Stone fireplaces are often packaged in crates to minimise the risk of damage during transit. We offer free nationwide delivery, to ensure that your stone fireplace reaches you in the same condition that it left our factory.