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Power Flue Flat Wall Gas Fires Explained

Thursday, 7 February 2013 17:24:04 Europe/London

power flue fires explainedPower Flue gas fires are ideally suited for homes without a chimney or flue (flat wall gas fireplaces). The main advantages of a power flue fire are that the flame is open and not hidden behind a glass screen (living flame effect). This makes the flame picture much clearer and realistic (looks more like a real fire as its open). Power flue fires work by venting the fire externally through an outside wall. Essentially this elevates the requirement for a chimney or flue and means you can have a open living flame gas fire in your living room.

1. Power flue gas fires use a fan (electrical supply needed) to remove the fumes emitted by the gas fire (whilst in use). This is arguably one of the criticisms of the fire as it requires a power supply to work and hence some homeowners that prefer a backup

2. Balanced flue gas fires on the other hand are glass fronted & much higher in efficiency than the open fronted power flue alternatives. These fires do not require an electrical fan to operate and hence can be used in the eventuality of a power cut in the area (can provide back-up source of heat for boiler)

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Changing A Fireplace With Back Boiler

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 15:59:27 Europe/London

fireplaceIf your considering changing your fireplace that is connected to a back boiler system then you should consider two main strategies:

Keep the back boiler and change fireplace:

The first obvious option is to simply change the fireplace (decorative part) and retain the working back boiler. The main thing you must ensure is that the new fire is compatible with the back boiler as some boilers have been specifically designed to work with a limited range of inset fires. Back boilers are almost obsolete now and there is a limited range of manufacturers making replacement fires for them as a result. If you are retaining the back boiler system, then you should also ensure that the overall height of the new fire matches the height of the back boiler system.

Replace fireplace with obsolete removed back boiler:

Fireplace HearthIf your back boiler needs replacement then it is very easy to remove the current boiler and replace the fireplace to something that is more aesthetically pleasing and complimentary to the room. Typically the back boiler will have ample depth and hence you can install virtually any fireplace you like in the required area (as there is enough recess depth). The fireplace will also have a gas connection strategically located (previously used for the boiler) and effectively you can install a full depth convector gas fire.

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Down Lights For Solid Fuel Stove Fireplaces

Sunday, 27 January 2013 16:07:33 Europe/London

down lights in fireplaceAt Creative Fireplaces we manufacture a large range of our Marble Fire Surrounds with integrated downlights. The entire range of our fire surrounds can actually be manufactured with integrated down lights.

Are down lights suitable for solid fuel?

1. Fire surrounds which burn real fires (wood or coal fires) emit a large amount of heat and are hence not suitable for down lights. Solid fuel fires (such as wood burning stoves) can emit a heat output in excess of 6kw which is substantially higher than gas fire alternatives which are typically 3kw to 4kw.

solid fuel fireplace2. Downlights are typically wired into low voltage transformers and the high heat output of solid fuel fires often interferes with this and for that reason the majority of down lights are not suitable.

3. Some high heat output appliances have down lights despite the excessive heat (such as ovens). However the light is enclosed in a special heat proof fitting that isn’t possible to replicate in fireplaces. If you like the look of down lights then perhaps opt for a fire surround that has integrated down lights carved in the pillars (legs) of the fireplace rather than lights located under the header. By carefully designing the fireplace, it is possible to have lights far away from the actual fire.

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Distances For A Wood Burning Stove Surround

Friday, 25 January 2013 15:30:53 Europe/London

distance away from stovesAs a fireplace specialist we frequently get asked what distances a fire surround should be from a Wood Burning Stove. The answer is unfortunately not as straight forward as it may initially appear. The majority of fireplace manufacturers will typically state a minimum distance of 6 inches (150mm) on the side of the stoves and 12 inches (300mm) above the stove. The majority of stove manufacturers will specify 9” (225mm) in front of the stove.

What determines the minimum distances?

1.The stove manufacturers will typically require a minimum distance away from non combustible materials as per their vigorous testing procedures in order to gain optimal performance from your stove.

2. Stoves emit a large amount of heat (as compared to gas fires and electric fire), for this reason it is important to ensure you have adequate spacing between the stove and the fire surround. The typical stove heat output is in excess of 5kw (depending on the make and model you opt for). For this reason it is important to specify adequate distances away from the fire surround to avoid any risk of the surround cracking.

marble fireplaces made in the uk3. Fire surrounds manufactured from combustible materials (such as timber) must be installed with great care and advice from the manufacture and qualified HETAS engineers. We would strongly suggest you opt for a more heat resistant material such as Marble or Stone.


At Creative fireplaces we manufacture a large range of marble fire surrounds in our very own Nottinghamshire factory. The fireplaces can be fully customised to suit your requirements.

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Gas Fire & Fireplace Showrooms In Kent

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 15:52:15 Europe/London

fireplaceAfter searching online for fireplaces it is often nice to go in-store and view products that you have been looking at prior to making any commitments. Online shopping is great if you know exactly what you are looking for however it is often difficult to order products if you require specialist knowledge. In Kent there are several specialist fireplace showrooms dedicated to fires and fireplaces that are an ideal place to visit if you need additional help and advice. Some specialist DIY stores like B&Q & Homebase also have several options that could be of interest and the staff have reasonable knowledge about fires and fireplaces.

Purchasing online what you should know:

1. If your considering ordering online, then you should firstly work out what type of fire you intend to install (gas, electric or solid fuel). After making this decision you should then carefully sort through the available options. Gas fires need to be installed by a Gas Safe Registered Installer by law. Electric fires on the other hand can simply be plugged in if you have a working power socket nearby. Solid fuel fireplaces need to be fitted by a HETAS registered installer.

2. Marble fireplaces are much cheaper online. For example products on our website are typically 70% cheaper than most high street like for like alternatives. 3. Stone fireplaces and timber surrounds are also much cheaper online. However the main thing you should consider is the sizes you require and also carefully check that your fireplace is suitable for the type of fire you intend to install.

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