Do you hate the chilly winter? Although we are now leaving the wintery weather behind, you may be looking for a cost-efficient solution to deal with the cold when it returns later in the year. Do not worry as you can now experience warmth thanks to Gas Fireplaces. Some people view Gas Fireplaces as an unnecessary expenditure. On the contrary, gas fireplaces can provide you many benefits in the long run. Gas fireplaces are known to provide comfort and warmth to the house tenants. The following are 3 useful benefits of investing in gas fireplaces. 1. Easy to use Modern varieties of gas fireplaces are considered much cleaner compared to the traditional models of fireplaces. The conventional types of fireplaces are rather primitive in both appearance and functionality. Newer gas fireplaces are much easier to use and you can alter the appearance of the flames with the help of a simple switch or dial. 2. Minimal start up time Unlike traditional Fires that require solid fuel, such as coal or wood, gas Fires are connected directly to a fuel supply (the gas mains). This means when it comes to starting up the fire you can usually get a fire lit in a couple of seconds, as opposed to waiting for the solid fuel to catch. 3. Variety of Styles Gas fireplaces are available in many different varieties. Consumers can easily select a fireplace and surround that suits their home décor. One of the most popular varieties is the marble frame surrounds. Do not waste your time mulling over the decision and invest in gas fireplaces.