As a direct manufacturer and importer of marble and granite products, we are able to supply fireplace hearths and back panel for a fraction of high Street and showroom prices. By cutting out the middleman and purchasing direct form the manufacturer you're able to make considerable cost savings and have the flexibility of having a bespoke manufactured hearth to your very own dimensions.

"Fireplace Hearth in Black Granite only £140 from our website"

The most popular hearth sizes are:

54 inches x 15 inches (can also be 18 inches deep if needed) 48 inches x 15 inches (can also be 18 inches deep if needed) Bespoke marble and granite fireplace hearths Creative Lifestyle is able to manufacture any fireplace hearth to your specific dimensions for a fraction of showroom prices up. Our standard bespoke modification charge is as little as £30. This service enables us to supply fireplace hearths for a considerable saving.

Suitability of fireplace hearths

Marble and Granite Fireplace hearths are suitable for gas and Electric Fires a standard. However if you will be using your hearth with a solid fuel fire (burning coal or logs) then your fireplace hearth will need to be slabbed. Slabbing is a process of cutting a hearth into several sections and creating purpose-built expansion and contraction joints that allow movement and avoid the risk of the hearth cracking due to intense heat pressures. The back of the fireplace hearth is also designed in a special way that allows it to be filled with cement (again making it more heat resistant and suitable for solid fuel Fires).