Virtually all fireplace surrounds can be ordered or modified to have integrated down lights. Down lights create a unique feature and enhance the look of the fireplace. There are several generic ways to integrate down lights into fire surround; however some methods work, and look a lot better than others.

"How are down lights integrate into the fireplace?"

In order to have integrated down lights, a hidden ledge below the fireplace header is needed. The hidden ledge should have to circular holes (for conventional halogen lights) and a small recess switch to turn the lights on and off. As the integrated hidden shelf has been installed, the fireplace also needs to have two additional filler pieces installed left and right of the fireplace columns.

Fireplace down lights effect your rebate

A fireplace rebate is the internal distance within the fire surround to recess an inset fire. Essentially rebate is created by pulling the back panel away from the wall (or chimney). In order to create a rebate, the fireplace also further out of the hearth. Integrated fireplace down lights involving adding a hidden ledge below the fireplace header (as described earlier), and due to this requirement the fireplace will sit further out onto the hearth.

Can integrated down lights be added after the Fireplaces been manufactured?

Integrated down lights cannot be added after the fireplace has been manufactured or specified. The main reason why down lights cannot be added is due to the requirement to have a hidden shelf (to accommodate the lights). As a fireplace will be manufactured without such a shelf, down lights can be added at a later stage.