A fireplace rebate is the internal distance or void within a fireplace to recess a fire. Similar voids can be found the back of kitchen furniture (used to conceal pipework). To create a fireplace rebate to side columns are made deeper and the back panel is brought forward to create a void within which a fire can be recessed.

Is there an additional charge needed to increase the fireplace rebate?

At Creative Fireplaces we make all our Marble Fireplaces to order and for that reason there is no charge to increase the rebate if needed. If you need a rebate in excess of 85mm then we would recommend not having down lights. Down lights bring the fireplace columns forward and hence leave you less room on the hearth. With a large rebate the columns come forward onto the hearth as well. All Marble Fireplaces look best (in an ideal situation) with a 25mm rebate. This means the back panel is pushed as far back to the wall as possible and there is maximum room on the hearth.

Can all Fireplaces have increased rebates?

"No ... not all fireplaces can have a large rebate" A large percentage of fireplaces sold in the UK are frequently manufactured overseas in low-cost countries and for that reason are already manufactured with a specified rebate. If a fireplace has already been constructed that it is not possible to increase the rebate.