Earlier, traditional Fireplaces were always used which were generally made of bricks. However, with new technology there is now a variety of Fireplaces available. Today, homeowners are considering and utilising different types of fireplaces. Fireplaces can easily be added in homes, offices and restaurants to create an elegant look. Gas fireplace These days, gas fireplaces are preferred by many people. A gas fireplace looks similar to a traditional fireplace and needs proper ventilation. However, they create far less mess and are much easier to use than a wood or coal burning fire. Electric fireplace Electric Fireplaces play an important role in making the room warm and comfortable. They are widely used by homeowners as they offer heat without producing smoke. Because of this feature, electric fireplace help consumers to save a lot of money as there is no need to install a ventilation system. This fireplace simply functions by plugging it in and switching it on. Electric Fireplaces still improve the ambience of the place. They look stylish and can complement any type of interior. Modern designs are far superior to those when electric fireplaces were first developed.