Electric Fireplaces are often the informed modern home owners, developers preferred finish. Many council homes are nowadays replaced with Electric Fireplaces, which also show the ever increasing popularity of electric fireplaces.

Why swap to an electric fireplace?

1. Electric fireplaces are cheaper to install, and there is a minimum cost saving of at least £150 when compared with a gas fireplace. 2. Modern homes are heated by efficient central heating systems, and there is often no need to have a secondary principle heating source. Electric fireplaces can be used for decorative purposes only, and the flame effect can be used independent of the heat source. 3. Electric fireplaces eliminate the need of costly annual servicing contracts that are needed with gas fireplaces. 4. In comparison with a traditional gas fireplace, electric fireplaces are 100 % efficient, and provide a wonderful focal point.

How much should I pay for an electric fireplace?

Essentially it is very difficult to offer guide prices as there is so much choice available. The cheapest electric fireplace suites are manufactured from M.D.F and have a very basic inset electric fire. Packages for such a basic range can start as low as £200-£250. Simple timber fire surround Packages accompanied with a marble back panel and hearth start at low as £350-£375 for a veneered wood finish (not solid wood). Marble fireplaces with an electric inset fire packages are not much more expensive than simple timber alternatives and retail for as little as £425 from our website. Homeowners and able to achieve a much better finish with a marble fireplace surround, as the entire material is solid (rather than veneered wood), and looks elegant and timeless. There is also very little maintenance needed with all marble fireplace surrounds.

The Hampton fireplace shown below is only £325 from our website including delivery.

(The above fireplace weighs 23 stone on average)