In many circumstances you may be looking for a specific cut to size fireplace hearth. Bespoke made-to-measure fireplace hearths are very useful as you can replace your existing fire surround without the necessity to replace your existing carpet or a laminate floor. Essentially, the new fireplace hearth is made to fit the existing cut out in your floor, enabling you to replace a new fire surround and keep your existing floor.

How much should made-to-measure fireplace hearths cost?

Made-to-measure fireplace hearths are often very expensive when purchased from retail showrooms, as independent showrooms are fully aware that they have a specialist contact where they can source made-to-measure products which are not available to the majority of homeowners. Your able to purchase similar made-to-measure products directly from creative Fireplaces website, effectively cutting out the middleman and making the cost savings yourself. On average, we found that the majority of our customers are able to save 70% of the total purchase price that there were quoted from high-street retail alternative. We typically charge an additional £30 extra for making the majority of marble fireplace hearths made-to-measure. Granite is more expensive material that marble, and for this reason made-to-measure fireplace hearths are often an additional £50 extra.

Why purchase a made-to-measure fireplace hearth from creative Fireplaces?

We have skill stonemasons in our Nottinghamshire factory and are able to manufacture anything you require at affordable prices (on average 70% cheaper than retail alternatives). As a direct manufacturer we are able to offer great customer service and free delivery to the UK mainland.