The definition of what is included in a marble fire surround is very ambiguous and will vary from company to company, and for this reason it is important to always clearly identify what you will be receiving prior to purchasing.

Marble Fires surround package are made up of the following components:

1. The marble surround which includes two columns a header and the mantle. It is also important to make sure that all fixing brackets are supplied together with your order. 2. An inset electric or gas fire are often packaged together at an affordable rate when you purchase both items together (the marble fire surround and an inset fire) 3. The fireplace hearth is the bottom section of the fire surround. Wall marble fireplace hearths are suitable for gas fireplaces and Electric Fireplaces, however, are not suitable for solid fuel (wood-burning) Fires 4. The fireplace back panel is the section of the fire surround within which the insert gas or electric fire is inserted. Marble back panel will always look best if it is manufactured in one piece as it does not have joints. Low-cost or cheap fire surround Packages often include a three-piece back panel rather than a one-piece back panel.