The fireplace hearth is the base section of the fire surround and is frequently made out of Marble, Granite or Limestone. The fireplace hearth was traditionally used as an area that would be subject to intense levels of heat created by open wood or coal burning Fires. However, in modern times fireplace hearths are simply a decorative accessory to accompany a fire surround and are frequently not subjected to high levels of heat. As a direct manufacturer fireplace hearths creative Fireplaces is able to offer substantial cost savings compared with high Street alternatives. One of the main differences by purchasing a must direct is also a made-to-measure service which enables you to have a fireplace hearth made to suit your existing carpet cut out and hence avoid having to reorder a new carpet. Simply give us the length and with that you require (will contact size that you require us to cover) and we can manufacturer bespoke made-to-measure fireplace hearth for a fraction of high-street prices. If you purchasing a fire surround from us we frequently don't charge for any modifications on your heart size.

Fireplace hearth suitability

All Marble, Granite or Limestone fireplace hearths are suitable the standard gas and electric Fires. Certain Gas Fires with boards in excess of 5 kW will need the marble back panel to be cut into three sections. By cutting the marble back panel into three sections, purpose-built expansion and contraction joints are created and prevents the back panel from cracking due to intense pressures. Standard gas fire is 3 kW and output and does not require a three-piece back panel.