Marble fireplaces are manufactured from solid sheets of 20mm marble (usual convention) and are suitable for all gas and electric Fires. Marble fireplace are non combustible and for that reason form a wonderful material to use in the fireplace industry. It is advisable to order a large rebate if you will be installing an electric insert fire against a flat wall. The engine of the fire (working mechanism) needs to be recessed within the internal void within the fireplace.  Electric fireplaces do not require a chimney of flue, and can simply be plugged into a standard 13 amp socket. A marble fireplace is completely suitable for all insert electric Fires for this reason. Gas Fireplaces require a smaller distance from the back of the wall to the front of the back panel (called the fireplace rebate), as this requires less of a void to be filled and makes the fireplace easier to install. We would recommend ordering a marble fireplace with a 25mm rebate for this reason. A 25mm rebate is the smallest void that can be ordered, as the back panel is 20mm and hence the void is only 5mm (25mm- 20mm thickness for back panel = 5mm). The 5mm void is used to apply suitable adhesive to stick the back panel to the chimney breast or wall.

Are marble fireplaces not suitable for certain fires?

Marble fireplaces are however not suitable for use with solid fuel (burning logs or coal), as the intense heat created could crack the marble back panel and marble hearth. Marble fireplaces are also not suitable for certain high output Gas Fires, as the intense heat from the fire could crack the back panel. It is advisable to specify a 3 piece back panel (made in three sections rather than one section) if your insert gas fire has a heat output of over 4kw.