Electric Fireplaces are very energy efficient, and they have come a long way from their processors.  Essentially Electric Fireplaces are cleaver optical illusions and some models are virtually identical to real open living flame fires and can even emulate solid fuel fires. One of the biggest concerns many people have is the actual cost of running an electric fire. There is a myth that electric Fireplaces are much more expensive to use than Gas Fireplaces. This myth is totally incorrect.

How energy efficient are electric Fireplaces – what are the costs involved?

1. Electric fireplaces have the benefit of being able to use the ‘flames effect’ independently of the heating. Hence you can have the warm looking glow without having the heater on. This means the entire electric fireplace is only using a series of low voltage bulbs, or LED bulbs. 2. Electric fireplaces can cost as little as £2 per annum (figures quoted from Dimplex) on flame effect only. The cost of £2 per annum is based on 2008 rates p/kWh, assuming 5 hours/7 days per week usage. This clearly shows how energy efficient electric fireplace can be. 3. Electric fireplaces are 100% efficient at the point of use, and no heat is lost up the chimney. Essentially they are a cleaver fan heater concealed in a canopy.