Electric fireplace have been around for many years, and many home owners have previously never considered them due to the poor flame effect and the affordability of alternative Gas Fireplaces. In recent times both these major criticisms of electric fireplaces have been overcome, the flame effect on most modern electric fireplaces is simply outstanding. Some models of electric Fires are more realistic than open wood burning Fires, and emulate the entire process including the smoke created from burning wood and coals. Gas prices have drastically increased over the past decade, and due to the increase in efficiency of central heating systems, many home owners whom traditionally always preferred Gas Fireplaces over electric fireplaces are all starting to switch over to electric alternatives.

Are electric fireplaces safer?

Essentially the answer is ultimately “yes”. Electric fireplaces are safer than gas fireplaces and open solid fuel (burning coal and logs) alternatives due to many reasons: 1. Electric fireplaces are cold to touch when you are using the “effect only mode”, which the majority of home owners would use more than the heater. 2. Electric fireplaces use a fan heater to create the heat, and this heater is statically positioned under a canopy, and fully sealed. There are no parts that can burn you, in the same manner as a gas fireplace or solid fuel fireplace

Most importantly

3. As Electric fireplaces do not burn fuel internally to generate the effect or heat, there are no risks of carbon monoxide poisoning. You also don’t have to worry about regular servicing and building regulations.