The term fireplace package is very speculative and will vary between different firms. It is very important to read the description of the item you're about to purchase in full and in detail prior to making any commitments.

What type of Fireplaces could be included in a package?

Regardless of whether you're looking for a Cast-iron packages, marble fireplace, limestone or wooden fire surround packages, all components are often bundled together to form a cost effective amalgamated discount price if purchase together. Typically a full cast-iron package includes the full fire surround, including back panel and hearth combined with a cast-iron insert. Depending on the package, solid fuel burners or inset gas or electric Fires are often additional optional extras. Marble fireplace (and limestone) packages typically comprise of a marble fire surround, hearth and back panel. Down lights and inset gas or electric Fires are often optional extras. Wooden fire surround packages are often combined with marble or granite back panel and hearths. In the majority of cases fireplace Down-lights and inset gas or electric fires are often optional extras.

Is it better to purchase package Fireplaces or order alternatively purchase each item individually?

1. <<YES Packages are better>> Essentially most companies would give you substantial discounts if you were to purchase a fire surround package rather than individual components. The main cost advantage is incurred in having a higher single order value and also having a single delivery with multiple items. Hence many companies are willing to offer a discount for packages as a result. 3. <<NO purchase individually>> However, by purchasing each component separately you may be able to get a larger choice and also use a selection of suppliers to get the best value possible. Creative Fireplaces for example, is a specialist manufacturer of marble fireplaces and has a distinct cost advantage. Using us to manufacture a marble fireplace will be very cost-effective, and other similar firms will have comparable advantages on inset gas and electric fires. Hence purchasing separately may be more cost-effective or give you a wider choice.