In many countries such as Denmark is very common to have bio ethanol fireplaces rather than Gas Fireplaces which are common in the UK. These fireplaces often are visually similar to look at however many consumers complain that they cause an unpleasant smell and dry the error in the room in which they are installed. The main advantage of bioethical fires or any such gel-based fires is that they do not require a chimney breast or flue whatsoever to work. With a gas fireplace they either need to be vented out of an exterior wall (often referred to as balance flue fire) or alternatively they can be vented out of a chimney or flue. Modern Gas Fireplaces are often available in flue less versions which work on a catalytic converter similar to a car and do not require a chimney, flue, or exterior wall whatsoever.

Electric Fireplaces are often convenient alternative

Another alternative which it may be worthwhile considering would be Electric Fireplaces which simply plug into a standard 13 amp socket and again do not require a chimney or exterior flue to work. The majority of homeowners are also able to install electric fireplaces by themselves, as there is no legal stipulation to be followed. Gas fireplaces on the other hand require a gas safe registered installer (in the UK) by law.