Marcel Micro marble is a popular man made colour frequently used to manufacture Marble Fireplaces.

What is Micro marble?

1. Micro marble is essentially 98% ground (crushed up) marble with 2% resin. 2. The material was originally developed to create colours there are not possible with naturally occurring marble. 3. Micro marble is also very colour consistent convector natural marble, which has spontaneous and random veining running through it. 4. Micro marble is very stain resistant compared to natural marble as the 2% resin content acts as a major deterrent to the absorption stains.

Are Micro Marble Fireplaces cheaper than Natural Marble Fireplaces?

1. Micro marble is a very high quality man made alternative which is frequently the same price as natural marble. Just like the kitchen industry where Quartz is a common substitute for natural granite, Micro marble is extremely popular in the fireplace industry. There are certain shades of Micro marble, which are more cost effective than others, however the majority of Micro marble colours are frequently the same price as natural marble ( example Egyptian Natural Marble Fireplaces) 2. Micro marble fireplaces can be more cost-effective as there is less wastage as offcuts can be reused (as there is less problem with colour matching) 3. Micro marble fireplaces easier to work and for that reason may be slightly cheaper than natural marble fireplaces 4. As mentioned before certain shades of Micro marble are cheaper than others, and for this reason certain Micro marble fireplace colours may be cheaper alternatives that natural marble fireplaces.