Marble fire surrounds are manufactured from sheets of 20mm thick natural marble or Micro Marble (engineered stone). Marble Fireplaces have been used in homes for centuries, due to their lovely feel and texture as well as the fact that they will last a life time if looked after. Marble fire surrounds require virtually no care and maintenance, and a simple damp cloth with soapy water is all you require to clean the surface. Marble is also a non combustible material (unlike timber) which makes it an ideal product to use in fire surrounds. Timber fire surrounds are not as affordable as many people think they are. Timber fire surrounds need marble back panels and hearths (as can be seen in the image below), and for that reason are not as cheap as many people assume. There are different types of timber surrounds, which range in price substantially. Solid timber fire surrounds are often £400 in oak and £300 in pine for a reasonable design. Timber is not as hard wearing as marble.

Price differences compared:

Marble fireplace surrounds (image above) are £375 from our website including delivery Timber fire surrounds (image above) with a back panel and hearth are approximately £350400 Essentially the choice is personal preference; however marble surrounds tend to be viewed as a timeless finish that will never go out of fashion or date.