Marble fire hearths are very popular and the conventional finish for almost all homes. Marble has been used to manufacture Fireplaces for generations, and is an ideal material to use as it is elegant to look at, has a lovely texture and is cost-effective. Marble is a non-combustible material and is hence an ideal material to use in the fireplace industry.

Marble fireplace hearths suitability

Marble fireplace hearths are suitable for gas Fireplaces and electric fireplaces without any customisation or alteration whatsoever. This means that marble can be used with conventional electric fire or inset gas fire. Marble is inevitably a porous material and Soft in nature, for these reason marble fireplace hearths are not suitable for use with solid fuel Fires. If you will be burning coal or wood then you will need to have the marble fireplace hearth split into sections and rejoined in order to prevent it from cracking when exposed to the intense heat created by open Fires. The back of the fireplace hearth is also designed a special way that allows it to be filled with cement. By filling the back of the hearth with cement (remember conventional hearths are all up) the heat resistance of fireplace hearths are increased, and hence this reduces the risk of a crack developing due to the intense heat of an open fire. Stone fireplace hearths are manufactured using 60 mm to 80 mm thick sheets of stone, and for this reason they are frequently suitable for open fires without any modification whatsoever. It is important to always remember to seal the surface of the marble or stone with suitable chemicals to prevent marble or stone from staining if it will be used with open fires. Marble does not need to be sealed if it will be used with a conventional gas or electric fire; however it is recommended to see all stone as it is a more porous material.