Marble fireplaces are also suitable for use with inset electric Fires a standard. 1. Marble fireplaces are suitable for all conventional inset Gas Fires. Marble is a noncombustible material (unlike wood) and hence is ideal to use on fireplaces. Conventional inset Gas Fires are fitted between the cut out in a marble back panel. The majority of inset gas Fires are 3 kW in output, and some modern gas fires have heat outputs of up to 4.5 kW. 2. Marble fireplaces are not suitable for use with solid fuel (wood-burning fires) as the intense heat created will crack the marble back panel. If you will be using marble fireplace with solid fuel fire then it is advisable to have the back panel and fireplace hearth slabbed. Slabbing involves cutting the back panel and hearth into sections and creating purpose-built expansion joints to avoid the risk of the back panel and hearth cracking.

Is it necessary to have a three-piece marble back panel the Gas Fireplaces?

Some high-efficiency gas fires create excessive heat near the front edge of the marble back panel, and hence it is advisable to cover back panel into three sections to creating purpose-built expansion direct. If you will be using a conventional inset gas fire (which is not a high-efficiency fire), then it is unnecessary to have a three piece marble back panel (cut into sections).