Possibly the biggest concern for many homeowners is the risk of damage, chips or stains on a fire surround. Essentially care and maintenance is needed to look after any type of fire surround. However, certain types of Fireplaces are more prone to staining, and should be avoided if needed. Although Marble Fireplaces are porous they are less prone to stains than Limestone surrounds. Limestone is a material that is matt in appearance and stains are more pronounced and visible as a result. Limestone is a softer material than marble. We have even had customers complain about damages after an accidental knock whilst vacuuming. Limestone is very porous and easily penetrates any liquid or objects placed on it. One of our customers was unable to remove candle wax residue after a Xmass party. We have even experienced difficulty removing coal marks from the fireplace hearth (even electric Fires have a coal effect fuel bed to create the effect).

To conclude:

Limestone is a lovely material, and there is no alternatives to create the wonderful look created by these types of fire surrounds. Despite the natural beauty of these fire surrounds there are severe problems and practical considerations. We would strongly recommend homes with young children to avoid limestone fire surrounds.