Marble is an elegant timeless material that will never fade or tarnish with use. However, no Fireplaces are scratch or stain proof, and all Fireplaces require reasonable care maintenance. Just like timber, or Marble Fireplaces will scratch if they are exposed to harsh sharp objects or knocked with anything that could damage the surface of the material.

Useful information about Marble Fireplaces

1. Marble fireplaces will not be scratched or damaged with regular use. For example, the hearth of the fireplace will not chip if it is hit gently with a vacuum cleaner. It is important to note that limestone fireplaces are much more brittle than marble. Granite is the strongest material used in fire surrounds, and is both heat resistance and much harder wearing them marble or limestone. 2. Marble fireplaces cannot be cleaned with any bleach, as this will staying the surface of the marble. To clean a marble fireplace simply use soap and water, and removal residue after you clean the fire surround. 3. Micro marble is a man-made material that consists of 98% marble and 2% resin. By mixing resin into the total make-up of the stone, Micro marble fireplaces are much more stain resistant and natural marble fireplaces. Limestone fireplaces and the most prone to staining, and require the most maintainers. 4. Marble fireplaces do not require to be sealed annually, unless they will be used with solid fuel applications (burning coal or wood).

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