In the past all marble Fireplaces manufactured using 100% pure natural marble. The modern times, only 80% of the marble Fireplaces sold in the UK are manufactured using Micro marble rather than 100% pure natural marble.

What is Micro marble?

Micro marble is an engineered stone which is made up of crushed marble and resin. Micro marble is colour consistent throughout the material and easier to work than natural marble. Micro marble is also more resilient to scratching at staining as it has a small concentration of resin.

What caused the trend away from natural marble towards Micro marble?

Natural marble was always sold subject to natural variation terms and conditions. Effectively this meant that the customer sign a declaration clearly stating that the fire surround they saw showroom would be nothing like what they were about to receive as each piece is unique and natural and therefore the elements are completely uncontrollable. This led to a large return ratio, as many homeowners or unhappy with pink veining running through a white fireplace (for example) or minor cracks the surface of the marble be explained as within toleration as a material is natural. Micro marble overcame these complications by making a formulation and 98% marble and 2% resin (typical make up however will vary depending on Micro marble colour).

Are Marble Fireplaces suitable for solid fuel wood-burning fires?

Natural Marble Fireplaces, & Micro marble fireplaces are not suitable for wood-burning fires. Both Micro marble fireplaces and natural marble fireplaces need to be modified (a process called slabbing) in order to be suitable for use with wood-burning fires. Slabbing involves cutting the hearth at back panel into sections and creating purpose-built expansion joints. This gives the heat purpose-built area to escape and eliminates the risk of cracking. The back of the back panel and hearth are also frequently filled with cement to again increase heat resistance.