Art Deco fire surrounds are both functional and decorative artistic ranges of modern Fireplaces.  It is often difficult to work out what people mean when they describe Fireplaces as “Art Deco”, as the use of the word is very subjective. The below fireplaces illustrate our range of Art deco Marble Fireplaces. Particular emphasis is made on the use of different colours on cream or white marble. The fireplace on the left has an etched flower (carved via a CNC), and a black granite hearth contrasting with the cream marble. The fireplace on the right hand side has a Granite insert on the header, as well as a different colour riser (vertical section) on the fireplace hearth. The use of more decorative Fires also helps create an Art Deco feel to a fire surround, as illustrated.  It is also possible to have sandblasted carvings on the side columns of the fireplace to create a three dimensional feel to the fire surround. Art Deco fire surrounds tend to be supplied in White marble, as this creates the largest contrast (as compared to cream colours).

Helpful tips

1. With more protruding edges and inlays there are more exposed corners and areas for dust to settle. This inevitably makes the fire surround harder to keep clean. 2. Art Deco fireplaces are very personal and often do not appeal to the masses.  Only consider purchasing an Art deco fire surround if you will be in the home for a long period of time (as it may make your property harder to market). 3. Art Deco fire surround do not need to cost a fortune, simple tweaks can be used to create the overall effect, as illustrated.