A Back panel is the piece of marble behind the fire surround where the fire in installed. Back panels are effectively a “U” shape (see image). Marble is an ideal material to use as a back panel as it is non-combustible unlike MDF. Marble back panels are suitable for use with either Gas or electric Fires. If you would like to use the back panel for solid Fuel (Eg: Burning Logs or coal) then it is advisable to have the panel slabbed. This involves cutting the pack panel into three sections and rejoining it from the back (non visible side).  The panel should also be filled with cement to make it denser and hence give more allowance for expansion and contraction when used with intense heat like solid fuel.

What to consider when purchasing a marble or Granite fireplace back panel:


When used for a Gas or electric fire:

Always make sure the panel is solid and does not have a joint. Some cheap Fireplaces are manufactured with a joint and this looks terrible as it is a dust trap and also detracts from the fireplace design. We make all out back panels solid (unless used for solid fuel).  Most companies will try and make the panel in three pieces as it saves material and can easily fit into a crate. As a company, our deliveries are more complicated as the panel does not fit into a crate... but the overall increase in quality is worth the hassle from our point of view.

When used for Solid fuel

As described above the panel needs to be slabbed (this will incur additional costs), but will ensure that it does not crack with the intense heat.


It is frequently advisable to purchase an entire Set (back panel and hearth) as this is more cost effective than purchasing just a back panel. It is also advisable to collect the back panel if possible, as the main cost incurred is in the delivery rather than the manufacture of the back panel. Click here to see our full range