Electric Fireplaces have become incredibly popular over the past couple of years due to their realism, practicality and low cost implications. Many showrooms (including ours) make over 60% of their turnover on Electric Fireplace sales. 1. Electric Fireplaces are easy to install as they simply plug into a 13 amp socket. Gas Fires require allot more work and specialist tradesmen to install by Law. Electric Fireplaces can be installed in minutes in any room in your home. 2. Electric Fireplaces are extremely versatile, as they do not require a chimney, flue or any pipe work. The flexibility enables you to install a electric fireplace in virtually any room in your home. 3. Electric fires are 100% efficient at the point of use, as there is no heat lost up a chimney. It is important to remember that the flame effect can be used independent of the heat source. 4. If you move home you can simply take your electric fire with you. 5. Electric fires are safe for use in a family environment as the flame effect is cold to touch (heat is created if needed from the canopy via a fan heater). Electric fires do not burn fuel such as gas, coal or logs to generate the effect and hence do not emit toxic carbon monoxide. 6. Electric fires do not need to be regular serviced either – this saves both time and money.