Slate is often used for fireplace hearths. Slate provides an authentic rustic feel to the entire fire surround. Essentially slate is not a scratch resistant surface, and requires care and maintenance as scratches are very visible and difficult to remove once they occur. Despite this major disadvantage, Slate Hearths are still incredibly popular as they are a matt texture as compared to Black Granite Hearths which are gloss and shiny.

Riven Slate Hearths

Riven slate has undulations which are small bumps through the material falling in the manner of waves; the undulations vary however only a few millimetres and form the basis of this lovely material. Riven slate hearths are much more rustic than honed slate.

Honed slate

Honed slate hearths are matt in texture and have a wonderful feel and texture. The entire surface is dull, yet has a finish.  Honed slate usually has a very dark background colour which suits log burners and solid fuel applications. Both Riven slate hearths and Honed slate hearths are sourced from quarried natural sources and will vary from batch to batch.

What is more a practical black granite hearth or Slate hearths?

Black Granite Hearths are much more resistant to scratches and stains when compared to Slate. For this reason we often recommend black granite to homes with young children. Slate hearths are matt in texture, and will not suit modern living. The opposite is true for black granite which may not suite traditional decors as it is too shiny. Hence the decision simply depends on the application.

Prices form our website:

Black granite hearth FROM £140 Black granite hearth & Back panel FROM £190 Riven slate hearth (Honed Slate Hearth) FROM £140 Riven slate hearth & Back panel (Honed Slate Hearth) FROM £249