Black Granite is often used to compliment marble fireplaces. Black granite is often commonly mistakenly referred to as black marble. A cream marble fireplace surround with a black granite hearth and panel looks stunning, and is very modern and chic. Often an entire black marble fireplace is often over powering and very imposing on a room. Back granite is often speckled and has small crystals and is very rarely pure rich black in back ground colour. It is also possible to have a fireplace made from star galaxy, which is black granite with natural gold flakes. Black Granite is stronger than marble and more resilient to high temperatures, which makes it ideal for use with solid fuel (burning coal or logs). If the Black Granite hearth is going to be used for solid fuel, then it should be slabbed (cut into sections and re-joined). A heat plate and Trim is also often used when the hearth and panel are to be used with solid fuel.

Black Granite Hearths are available as standard in the following sizes:

54 inches x 15 inches (1372mm x 380mm) From £140 48 inches x 15 inches (1219mm x 380mm) From £140

Made to order Black Granite Hearths

It is possible to manufacture a hearth to your specific measurements. All you need to provide is the length and width you require. If you are replacing a cut out in your flooring and require a hearth made to a specific size, then please remember to measure the bottom section of your hearth (not the top section that overhangs).