Boxed and lipped hearths are the most common style of hearths used in Fireplaces. This involves bonding a horizontal piece of marble with a recessed vertical piece (riser) to create the overall boxed and lipped effect. The overall height of the hearth from the floor is usually 50mm, which is comprised of a 20mm horizontal section of marble with a 40mm vertical strip (20mm +40mm = 60mm overall height). If you are looking to replace an existing fireplace hearth and already have a cut out in your carpet or laminate flooring, then it is important to measure the bottom section of the hearth and not the top size. Manufacturers (such as us) are easily able to make a hearth to cover your exiting carpet cut out, hence ensuring that you do not have to buy a new carpet or lay new laminate flooring and can have the hearth made to fit your existing cut out.