Marble fireplace hearths can be carved in many different edge finishes rather than the conventional boxed and lipped effect only. A boxed and lipped fireplace hearth comprises of a simple horizontal section with a recessed vertical strip of marble at the bottom of the hearth called the riser. The boxed and lipped hearth profile is the easiest to manufacture and has become the conventional hearth for the majority of fire surrounds in the UK. The overall height of a boxed and lipped hearth is usually 50mm, which is made up of a 20mm horizontal section with a 30mm vertical section, although this height can be increased if needed.

Bullnose fireplace hearths

Bull nose fireplace hearths are made up of a rounded strip of marble on the horizontal surface. It is possible to have a bull nose boxed and lipped hearth, which is the same as a conventional hearth (explained above) or alternatively have a bull nose box flush hearth that does not have an overhang (as shown in the image below).

Fireplace hearth suitability

Marble fireplace hearths are suitable for gas Fireplaces and electric Fireplaces, and are not suitable for wood burning Fires ~(solid fuel Fires) as standard. A fireplace hearth needs to be cut into sections and rejoined if it will be used with solid fuel (a process known as slabbing). The back of the hearth is also filled with cement to make it more resistant to changes in heat.