Electric fireplaces, long way from their predecessors. Today's modern electric fireplaces are virtually indifferentiable from wood-burning Fires. Dimplex has pioneered the way forward with its new optimist electric inset fire range, which has a built-in smoke machine and opti flame technology.

What is different about the optimist range of Electric Fires?

Conventional Electric Fires are 55 mm deep (approximately 2 1/2 inches) and will fit into a standard fire surround with a 75mm rebate (approximately 3 inches). This means that the average inset electric Fires have a shallow recess requirement. The optimist range on the other hand, requires a recess depth of up to 160 mm depending on the model.

Can you install a Dimplex optimist against a flat wall with a standard fire surround?

The majority of fire surrounds have a 75 mm rebate (maximum void possible), and for this reason it is not possible to fully recess the Dimplex optimist fire against a flat wall with no void whatsoever. At creative fireplaces, we manufacturer role range of marble fire surrounds to order, and are able to manufacture bespoke fire surround with a large enough recess to accommodate the full depth of Dimplex optimist fire.

How do you create a larger rebate?

To create a larger rebate (internal void within fire surround to recess fire) we need to increase the depth and two fireplace side returns, as well as the depth of the fireplace mantle. Effectively the marble back panel is pulled away from the wall a creating sufficient void to fully recess the hundred and 160 mm engine required on the Dimplex optimist fire.

Are there any alternatives?

It is also possible to purchase a “spacer kit” with your optimist electric fire, which basically hides the fire depth using a black plastic trim. Effectively this means that the fire is sitting further out onto the hearth and hidden using a black plastic frame. In our opinion, installing an expensive optimist electric fire in this manner ruins the overall appeal of the entire fireplace.