Electric Fireplaces can be installed against a flat wall with no chimney breast whatsoever. In the past many homeowners have had to build out falls chimney breasts to accommodate the depth required to inset that electric fire (or gas Fireplaces for that matter). It is possible however to build an internal void within the fire surround called a fireplace rebate which can accommodate the full depth needed to inset and electric fire. The rebate is basically created by increasing the side returns on the fireplace and the fireplace mantle size hence bringing the back panel away from the wall. This effectively creates a subsequently void that can be used to recess either an inset electric fire or gas fire.

Advantages of building a fireplace rebate as opposed to building a false chimney breast:

1. By increasing the fireplace rebate the fire surround will come out less into the room than would be the case if you were to build falls chimney breast. 2. Manufacturers such as Creative Fireplaces would not charge for increasing the fireplace rebate and this is a much cheaper alternative than the cost incurred to build a false chimney breast. 3. From a timescale point of view it is much quicker to order fire surround with an increased rebate as opposed to building an entire false chimney breast.