If you love the warm effect and ambient glow of a fireplace and do not have a chimney, then it is possible to install an Electric Fireplace, as the electric fire simply plugs into a standard 13 amp socket. Electric fireplaces have progressed considerably from earlier models and are impressively realistic even when compared with living flame Gas Fires. All Gas Fires and real wood-burning fires have a wonderful glow and create a lovely atmosphere; however it is possible to replicate the similar glow by installing an electric fire with a clever illusion that creates a similar effect. Early versions of electric fireplaces had simple ribbons behind the glass screen and flickered. These basic models were nowhere near the realism and characteristics of a real flame fire. However, with the progression of technology major manufacturers such as Dimplex have been able to create electric fire illusions there almost as realistic as the real thing.

Advantages of installing Electric Fireplaces

1. Electric Fires can simply be plugged into a standard 13 amp socket and do not need to be vented out often exterior wall or chimney. This feature makes it extremely useful to install Electric Fires in virtually any room in your home. Electric fireplaces can even be installed in homes or apartments without chimney altogether. 2. Electric fires do not emit any toxic vapour and for that reason do not need to be annually serviced (unlike gas fireplaces). This saves both time and money. 3. Electric fires are remarkably clever as they enable the homeowner to use the flame effect independent of the heat source. This effectively means that you can have a warm glow without having heater. This is particularly useful if you want to use the fireplace as a decorative feature rather than heater, and also if you have young children at home.