Yes, Marble Fireplaces can be manufactured can be manufactured to order in any size you require. The most conventional sizes are as follows: 1. The majority of small homes will accommodate a 42 inch fireplace surround which is a standard dimension. Some designs with an arch or Tudor cannot be manufactured in this size as they loose character once they are resized. The fireplace columns need to be a minimum of 6-7inches wide for them to seem substantial, and there is often little room left to create an arch or Tudor if the columns are retained to this congenital column width. 2. The majority of fire surrounds for medium sized properties is 48 inches wide. Almost all fire surrounds will have a 48 inch wide option as standard. The mantle and the hearth of the fireplace are 48 inches wide, where as the inner columns are usually recessed two inches on either side (fireplace body is hence usually 44 inches wide). 3. A large number of fire surrounds for a family home are usually 54 inches wide. The majority of fire surrounds are supplied with a 54 inch wide option as standard. The fireplace daylight opening (distance between the fireplace columns) is usually 50 inches in the majority of 54 inch wide models. 4. Substantial properties can accommodate a 60 inch wide fire surround. However, these fire surrounds are far too large for the majority of homes.

Do larger fire surrounds cost more money?

The majority of retailers (showrooms and online vendors) will charge substantially more for larger fireplace dimensions than smaller fire surrounds.  At Creative Lifestyle we manufacture our own range of fire surrounds and are able to offer outstanding value for money. We change the same price for a 54 inch fireplace as a 48 inch fireplace, as both sizes can be manufactured from the same large sheet of marble. We always manufacture each Marble Fire Surround from one sheet of marble (and dispose of all off cuts) in order to keep colour consistency thought the fireplace.

Creative Lifestyle does not charge more for larger marble firepalces