Wood-burning fire surrounds create a lovely atmosphere in any home. There is something unique and natural as well as relaxing about coming home to a lovely open fire. The main problem with open Fires (burning wood or coal) is the amount of maintenance required to take care of such fireplaces. There is a lot of soot that is created by open Fires. The homeowner also needs to store coal or logs to burn in open fires which takes up valuable space. Gas Fireplaces and the other hand I simply connected to natural gas that is available in almost all UK homes. Gas fireplace could be turned on and simply by a flick of a switch or remote control. This makes Gas Fireplaces much more practical to use and solid fuel alternatives. There is also no need to store vast amounts of logs and coal at home, as gas fireplaces simply burn ceramic logs or coal effect only (these logs and coals do not need to be replaced for many years). Electric fireplaces are very popular in modern times. And electric fire surround can be installed in virtually any room in the home, as the electrical inset fire simply connects to a standard 13 amp socket. Many homeowners can also install electric fireplaces by themselves, as it has no legal stipulation offer specific type tradesmen required to install such fireplaces. Electric fireplaces also have the advantage of not requiring annual maintenance by specialist (such as a gas safe engineer required by gas fireplaces which cost in excess of £250 a year).