Answer: Yes

Electric Fireplaces have developed over the years and the effects on today’s market are increasingly starting to look closer to a solid fuel fire. Electric Fires can even have built in smoke machines and are incredibly realistic to look at as compared to their ribbon effect counterparts.

Can they be fitted below a T.V?

1. Electric Fires can be fitted below a TV as there is no direct heat loss up the chimney.

2. A conventional gas fireplace will work at 60% efficiency, and the area near the chimney breast will get incredibly hot, making it unsuitable to mount a TV above a gas fireplace (however this is not true for electric Fires)

3. Electric Fires can be used on effect only mode, which means the fire can be used to emulate the look and feel of a real fire without having the heater on

4. Electric fires have a fan heater located under the canopy which blows hot air down (at a 60 degree angle usually), this means the heat is directed away from a wall mounted TV

Advice you should consider

1. It is advisable to purchase a fire surround which is low in height if you will be mounting a TV above the fire surround. Conventional fire surrounds are 47 inches high, and far too high to computable watch a wall mounted TV. We would suggest having a 40 inch high fire surround or even shorter

2. At Creative Fireplaces we manufacture all our marble fire surrounds to order and can easily adapt the height of a fire surround to suit your individual requirements