Purchasing a gas fireplace is much simpler than you would think. Essentially there are only a few technical hurdles to overcome.

Check what chimney type you have.

Chimneys are classified into three classifications: Class 1, Class 2, and pre cast flues. If you do not have a chimney then you can either install a Flue less gas fireplace or alternatively you can purchase a balanced flue or power flue gas fireplace if you are installing the fireplace adjacent to an exterior wall.

How much do you want to spend?

1. We have entire Marble Gas fireplace packages for as little as £525 (includes marble fireplace surround, marble back panel, marble hearth and gas fire). Some gas fires cost as much as £650 for the inset gas fire alone. 2. Do you need any special features, such as side control, or remote control for disability access or elderly people? Any special ignition method can add up to £200 onto the price of the gas fire. 3. Balanced flue and power flue gas fires are quite expensive to purchase, and cost in excess of £450 for the inset fire alone. 4. High Efficiency gas Fireplaces are ideal for homes with frequent use; however cost £400 on average. The standard gas fires included in packages are typically 60% efficient, which is suitable for seldom use.

Factory prices online

5. As a direct manufacture of Marble Fireplaces, we are able to offer you factory trade prices. Showrooms that we supply nationwide typically double the prices we charge, and have fancy showrooms to present Fireplaces and are hence able to charge a premium. We are typically 70% cheaper than local showrooms for similar if not higher quality fireplaces.