Marble Hearths are the bottom heat resistant section of Fireplaces.  Traditionally fireplace hearths used to be very expensive, and frequently Marble Hearths used to be one of the most expensive sections of the entire fireplace. Nowadays due to the internet marble heaths are extremely price competitive and  can be manufactured to any size needed as consumers and Manufactures (such as Creative Fireplaces) are connected, effectively cutting out the middle man and creating cost savings. Cheap marble hearths can frequently be purchased in the following standard sizes 48 inches x 15 inches 48 inches x 18 inches 54 inches x 15 inches 54 inches x 18 inches The standard edge profile is Boxed and lipped, as shown in the below diagram, however many other permutations and profiles are possible. As a direct manufactuerer we are able to make hearth to any size required, so please contact us for a quote if you need any bespoke modifications.