creative FireplacesMarble Fireplaces are not as expensive as they are rumoured to be. There are several ways to source a cheap marble fireplace for your home; however there are also several points to consider prior to making a decision. Natural marble Fireplaces are simply made from 100% pure quarried marble and tend to be classified as more traditional than Micro Marble Fireplaces. Natural Marble Fireplaces are also often more expensive micro marble (reconstituted stone).

What you should know

1. Always remember to look at the total price charged for an item. It is always the final price that makes a difference. Many online suppliers often try to trick consumers into low prices that do not include VAT, and seem to be better value than they actually are.

2. It is also worth considering where the goods originate from. Cheap imports (such as Chinese imports) may be competitively priced, however they are often very poor quality.

3. Always ask for marble samples before placing an order, to ensure you are able to pick the most appropriate colour to suit your room decor.

4. Micro Marble fireplaces are manufactured from sheets of reconstituted stone. Reconstituted marble slabs are made up of 95-98% marble and is virtually identical to natural marble. Large percentages (majority) of Marble fire surrounds sold in the UK are manufactured from Micro Marble.