There is an assumption that all stone fire surrounds will cost a fortune. However in modern times the internet has enabled distant selling by connecting buyers and sellers and substantially lowered costs. The main aim for consumers should be to ensure that they are able to correctly identify what they require, the below guide will overview the main considerations.


It is important to set yourself a budget for your new stone fire surround, as it is often easy to get carried away with the range of choice available.

Fuel type

Your stone fire surround will need to be specifically modified if it will be used with solid fuel (burning logs and coal). Solid fuel Fireplaces need to have sectioned (cut and rejoined) hearths, to allow for the expansion and contraction created from burning real fuel. Gas and Electric Fireplaces do not require any modifications.

Recess required

If you are installing your fire against a flat wall then you may need a recess built within the fire surround to ensure that the fire fits flush inside the cavity of the fireplace. You will not need to have to cavity (or rebate) if you are installing a fire surround against a chimney.