Fire surrounds are usually spaced with a minimum of two inches overhang from the left and right hand side of a chimney. It will look too squashed if the fire surround is installed to the edges of a chimney breast. Fire surrounds can be manufactured to any width you require, however the standard widths are as follows: 40 inches wide, 42 inches, 48 inches and 54 inches. In some rare circumstances larger properties can accommodate a 60 inch wide fire surround. The most common fire surround width is 48 inches and 54 inches.

Example width selection

If your chimney is 59 inches wide then you could possibly install a 54 inch fire surround and the remaining 5 inches could be split on either side (hence 2.5 inch overhang on either side).

Fire surround against a flat wall

If you are deciding to install a fire surround against a flat wall then there is no real limitation to the width that you can have, as was the case with a chimney. However large fire surrounds in a modest or small room size often seem cramped

Fire surround height

Marble fireplace surrounds tend to be manufactured 42 inches high on average, where as traditional timber surrounds were much higher and were frequently in excess of 47 inches high. As ceiling heights in England, Scotland and Wales tend to be on average 2.2meters high, very tall fire surrounds tend to look less inviting are quite imposing on a room.