Contemporary Fireplaces are increasingly popular in today's modern homes, however they are not suited to every decor. For example: A ultra modern contemporary fireplace would simply not fit into a Victorian or cottage property.

Before selecting a style of fireplace for your home, we recommend you consider the following:

1. What is the age of the property? Modern Chic will be lost in older homes, and may clash with period decor 2. How is the rest of the room decorated? An modern contemporary fireplace may not suit a room which is decorated with predominantly traditional style. It may lead to many changes in order for it to sit well into the property. 3. How long till you next decorate? If you are looking for something timeless, then an expensive chic modern contemporary look may not be the best answer. 4. What implication will the change make on the value of your property? Often changing from a classical look to a contemporary feel may not appeal to the majority of home buyers, and may limit the marketing potential and in turn the value of your property.