Marble fireplace surrounds have become a common feature in many homes. Marble is a practical, elegant and timeless finish that can compliment both traditional and modern homes alike.

The most popular marble fireplace colours

Cream marble tends to be the most popular marble fireplace surround colour. There are several shades of cream that it is difficult to pick the right colour for your room without having a set of samples. Sienna Gold is a marble with a light creamy background colour with subtle white veins running through it. The marble is clean and crisp, and will suit both all room types. The subtle random veining creates a rich and warm look. Veining is associated with marble, and for this reason Sienna Gold will appeal to the majority of homeowners. Milano Beige is a more modern marble colour with a slightly darker background colour and a hint of brown. The marble is homogeneous, and does not have any veining. Milano Beige is often called Marfil stone. The marble will compliment simple elegant lines where a minimalistic design is desired. Antique White is a pleasant striking white marble colour. The background colour is light and has small crystals. Antique White is a micro agglomerate marble, and for that reason it does not have grey veining that is usually associated with natural White marble.