Marble Fireplaces can be manufactured to any size, width, colour, or virtually any specification that you desire. The only prerequisite for marble Fireplaces is to know the fuel type that you will be using. Marble fireplaces are suitable for a gas fireplaces and Electric Fireplaces as standard, however have to be modified for use with a Solid Fuel Fireplaces (burning cold or wood). The most common modification for marble fireplaces is an alteration of the height or with required. Modifications off the fireplace hearth are also very common, this is frequently done to incorporate new fireplace into a pre-existing cut-out in your carpet or laminate flooring. Marble fireplaces are available as standard in 44 inch wide models, 48 inch wide models, or 54 inch wide models. An alteration of the width of a marble fireplace should cost no more than £50. Many high street showrooms will charge a fortune or premium for alterations as they know that customers have specific requirements that they cannot find elsewhere. By purchasing direct to the factory that manufactures at the fire surrounds you will have a considerable cost saving and be able to determine all variants off the marble fireplace including the marble colour used and the overall finish your desire.

Increased to lead time required

By having a custom-built marble fireplace you will need to allow for additional 3 to 4 working days to manufacture. Fireplaces that are manufactured to non standard specifications require an update off the marble cutting list and any profile changes so all custom marble fireplaces will take more time to manufacture.