A standard marble back panel is 37 inches x 37 inches (939mm x 939mm) with a cut out for a fire of approximately 22.25 inches (H) x 16.25 inches (W) which is approximately 413mm x 565mm. It is possible to have a back panel made to any size you require and it is also possible to alter the cut out to any dimension you require as well.

Important things to know about a fireplace back panels

1. Back panels are almost always 20mm thick 2. Back panels cab be manufactured in either one piece or in three pieces. It is easier to install if the back panel is made in one piece. It also looks better (aesthetically) if a back panel is made on one piece as there are no joints. 3. Back panels are not suitable for solid fuel (burning logs and coal) as standard, and need to be filled with cement and cut into three sections if they will be used for solid fuel. Please see the image below. Back panels should cost approximately £75 in marble or less approximately.  Slabbing the back panel to make it suitable for solid fuel adds approximately £50 to the cost of the back panel.

Custom fireplace hearths

It is possible to make a heart to any dimension needed in either marble or granite. All you need to supply is the length and width required.