Installing a fireplace in a home is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of the place. A fireplace can also make a home more comfortable during the winter season as it provides an ideal level of warmth. However, for a fireplace to look great, it is important that it is designed well and that it has the right Accessories. One of the most important additions to a fireplace is a hearth. A suitable hearth can have a big impact on the home décor. Select an appropriate hearth for your fireplace There are different kinds of hearths, meant for different Fireplaces. While a raised hearth is mostly used for a traditional fireplace, a flat hearth is preferred for a modern version. If the home has a stone, porcelain or fire-resistant kind of flooring, there is no need for a raised hearth. This is because clearance of the fireplace is easy and simple. With a flat hearth, the fireplace gets a more visual appeal as well. A perfect hearth for your fireplace Apart from completing the appearance of the fireplace, a hearth can also make the room appear more elegant. This is because it is possible to add designs to a hearth. For instance, you can use tile designs or individual designs on a hearth, depending on your preference. You can also use a decorative slate border to make not only the hearth, but also the fireplace stand out. There are different designs you can select from for your fireplace’s hearth. A hearth that complements the fireplace can greatly enhance the aesthetics of the home.