Over the past couple of years solid fuel Fires (burning coal & wood) have become increasingly replaced by designer electric and gas Marble Fires. Solid fuel fireplaces require a lot of maintainers, storage of solid fuel (e.g. large wood supplies) and creates a lot of soot when used (which requires cleaning). Both electric and gas fires do not require such high amounts of maintenance, and can frequently be turned on with the flick of a switch. Both electric and gas fires are also safer to the elderly and children when compared solid fuel fires.

Design and Electric Fires examined

Recently there has been a trend towards plasma hang on the wall Electric Fires. These fires simply have a visual flame effect and not screwed to either an interior or exterior wall. The main advantage such chic modern electric fires is that it can be plugged in to a standard 13 amp socket, and hence can be installed in virtually any room all. As the electric fire hangs on the wall it does not require a large amount of floor space (traditional fireplaces have a 15 inch hearth/380 mm). For a reasonable flame effect however, such hang on the wall electric fires can cost in excess of £800. In our opinion for such a large budget homeowner can easily afford to purchase a designer marble fireplace with a inset electric fire, which will not date as quickly as hang on the wall electric fireplaces. As with all fashions hang on the wall fires will eventually change and become obsolete, whereas high-quality designer Marble Fireplaces with either a inset electric fire or gas fire will be a timeless classic finish.

Design and Gas fires examined

It is also possible to purchase hang on the wall gas fires in the same way as explained above. Gas fireplaces are a lot more technically challenging to install as there is a vast amount of regulation. Wall mounted gas fireplaces are just as expensive as their electrical equivalent. For the same amount of money you could easily purchase any high-quality marble fire surround (or timber fire surround) with a suitable inset gas fire.