It is often possible to get even marble fire surrounds at discounted prices all year round if you know what you are looking for and where to look. 1. Make sure you are looking at the complete package. The price should include the marble back panel, marble surround (body of fireplace) & also the matching marble hearth. 2. Make sure the price includes delivery. Many firms believe in cleaver tricks in making products seem cheaper than they actually are. It is often easy to be mislead by small print that makes you pay over a hundred pounds for delivery. 3. Many optional extras may cost more – for examples fireplace down lights. Check the total price prior to making any commitments, as it is the total price that counts. 4. It is useful to consider the origin of the marble fire surround.  Many cheap imports are of far inferior quality to locally manufactured British Marble fire surrounds. Hence it is important to make sure you are comparing like for like. 5. What is the lead time of the marble fire surround? In some cases you may not be able to wait for long lead times due to prior commitments. 6. It is a good idea to consider purchasing a gas or electric fire at the same time to get the best deal possible.